The state of Utah, offers a variety of landscapes that would leave you breathless. The word Utah means “people of the mountains” which is still something that could be said for the people who live in the state. About 80% of the state’s almost 3 million population lives in the Wasatch mountain area which also makes it one of the biggest urbanized places in the United States. This high concentration of population also means that vast stretches of land in Utah is still free from any human settlement. Much of it is wild country left in the same way that it was even before the white man came.

The huge free space also means that much of Utah is free for hikers to explore. We will help you in finding the best hikes in Utah but to tell you frankly, that wouldn’t be an easy task since there are so many nice trails and places that you can explore in this sprawling state. So get your backpacks ready and be set to go.

The Wasatch Front – This region is very near the metropolitan areas of Utah so if you are staying in one of the big cities there, you would not have to go that far to experience some great hiking. You can take the trail in Mount Olympus which starts out at its base. Once you are at the top you can get a stunning view of Salt Lake City. This trail could be tiring but very rewarding at the same time. Another place to hike in and visit in this is the Ogden River Parkway. This place is perfect for those who would like to take an easy walk. You can take your family and have a nice picnic there afterwards and just refresh yourself.

Dinosaurland – If you would like to mix your hiking with some prehistoric adventure then this is the region that you should visit in Utah. The place has some very interesting landscapes with deserts and forests covering the area, but perhaps the most intriguing part of this region are numerous fossils that have been exposed and are waiting to be discovered.

Red Rock – What is the best hike in Utah? Red Rock is arguably the answer, in fact some people claim that this region offers the best hiking trails in the world.

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